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Every time a client visits the Storehouse, they should have a photo ID.  Additionally at the first visit, the client should also have a referral.  (More info on referrals below.)

Paperwork is necessary to get the process going so we encourage first time clients to come at least 30 minutes prior to closing. A client should come even earlier if you hope to take goods with you after the first visit.  After the paperwork is completed, the client is escorted around the storehouse by a volunteer who can help find the needed items.  You don't have to take every item with you after the first visit.  We can "mark" bigger, bulkier items and you'll have a week to pick them up. It's up to the client to pick-up their furniture/household items by the date marked.  After that you'll have to pick out new items.  Some items (smaller household items) must be taken with the client when they are selected and cannot be marked or saved for later pickup. 

If you don't find all the items needed in your first visit (or if you've run out of time,) you can come back any time for up to 6 months and look for those items.  Any items marked on subsequent visits will also have the one-week limit on pickup.


The Ecumenical Storehouse provides its services only by referral from area churches and recognized area support agencies, such as (but not limited to) Aid to Distressed Families of Appalachian Counties (ADFAC), government Departments of Human Services and Children's Services in Anderson, Roane, and Morgan Counties, Mid-East CAA of Roane County, Campbell County Health Department, Ridgeview (Psychiatric) Hospital in Oak Ridge, Harriman, and LaFollette, Anderson County Community Action Committee (ACCAC), McKenzie Acres Apartments, Dayspring Family Health Center in Jellico, and Trinity Out-Reach Center of Hope (TORCH). These organizations were the top in referring clients to the Storehouse in 2016; they accounted for about 59% of all 351 referrals.

Each client must bring a written referral to the Storehouse from such an organization signed by an official, who has personal knowledge that the client is in need of the Storehouse's resources. The Storehouse initiates a Client Service Record and establishes a "needs" list for the client, which is good for six months. Subsequent referrals to the Storehouse are limited to emergency situations, such as fire, tornado, flood, or submission by a caseworker, or must be approved by the Storehouse President or designee prior to continued service.


Referral Form

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